The best stuff to watch on TV this Christmas

Christmas TV is notoriously hit and miss, and with most shows venturing into the world of Christmas Specials, it’s hard to sort the good from the bad. So, without further ado, here’s a go-to guide for (not shit) Christmas TV.


White Christmas – Black Mirror

If you’re the cynical sort, then White Christmas is the one to watch. The Christmas episode of the award-winning anthology series, Charlie Brooker, once again, reminds us why technology can’t fail to terrify you.

Plot: Two men, Matt (Jon Hamm) and Joe (Rafe Spall), stationed at a remote outpost in the middle of a snowy wilderness. As the two haven’t spoken in five years, Matt decides to tell Joe the story of how he ended up in their isolated winter wonderland.

Watch it on Netflix.

A Very Sunny Christmas – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

“It’s Always Sunny” follows ‘The Gang’ – the owners of the unsuccessful Paddy’s Pub. This subversive comedy offers razor-sharp humour and mean-spirited fun.

Plot: Dennis and Dee are determined to show Frank the meaning of Christmas after years of suffering his holiday abuse. The gang reminisce about their own holiday seasons.

Watch it on Amazon Prime.

How The Ghost Stole Christmas – The X Files

The X Files is a cult 90’s show that centres around two FBI agents, searching for the truth. Combining Fox Moulder, champion conspiracy theorist and serial doubter Dana Scully, they investigate the unexplained.

Plot: Mulder and Scully investigate a house that is haunted by a couple every Christmas Eve. Cue spooky events and a mystery to solve.

Rent on Amazon Prime.

My Own Personal Jesus – Scrubs

Scrubs does not get enough credit for being one of the greatest comedic shows to hit the American airwaves. So, if you’ve never seen it, now’s the time. Scrubs follows three Junior Doctors as they attempt to figure out the balancing act between work and life.

Plot: Elliot helps a pregnant girl at the free clinic, but she disappears when Elliot diagnoses her with HELLP syndrome.

Rent on Amazon Prime.


Knowing Me, Knowing Yule – Alan Partridge

Partridge is an inept television and radio presenter whose inflated sense of celebrity drives him to treachery and shameless self-promotion.

Plot:  Everyone’s favourite DJ brings back his brilliantly terrible chat show – set in a mock-up recreation of his festive living room. His primary goal is to determine if his show will get a second series.

Watch on Netflix.

Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire – The Simpsons

This episode was during the golden age of America’s favourite family. Whilst most Simpson’s fans would lean towards Christmas Special ‘Mr Plow.’ ‘Simpsons Roasting’ feels like an episode that really captures why we loved The Simpson’s so much. Irreverent and hilarious, this is The Simpson’s at it’s finest.

Plot: After Homer finds that Mr. Burns hasn’t given his employees any Christmas bonuses this year, he decides to raise money through a second job. But, he ends up gambling all of the earnings away at the dog track.

Rent on Amazon Prime.

Seasonal Beatings – Peep Show

Mark and Jez are a couple of twenty-something dysfunctional roommates, this sardonic comedy is shot POV style, complete with hearing characters inner-most thoughts.

Plot: Mark decides to host the family Christmas, interrupted by ‘drugged-up lunatic’ Super Hans, and only unreliable Jez for support. The dinner is an awkward affair.

Watch it on Netflix.

Missing any? Let me know in the comments.

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