DIY scented candles

I have had a lifelong obsession with scented candles. Whilst most people associate the glow of a candle with winter – warming scents for dreary, cold nights. I love using candles seasonally. For me, they also make the perfect (and cost-effective) gift. You’ll have to spend about £20.00 on supplies, but you’ll end up with around ten candles, so after your initial spending, you’re pretty much set.

So, to make your candles, you’ll need a couple of supplies:

  • Soy wax – I love this one from Amazon, it melts quickly, absorbs scents and is much better quality than cheap wax.
  • Amber glass candle jar – I love these jars, they’re great for candles, as well as homemade beauty products.
  • Wicks – These ones burn nicely and don’t smoke, you’ll also need some glue dots to hold them in place.

You’ll also need your scent. Soy candles work best with essential oils, I tend to head down to Healthy Spirit in Didsbury Village because I prefer to try the scents before I buy. That said, Amazon has a great selection. To get you started, Vanilla is your best bet. If you like Lush products, I’d recommend purchasing some Rose oil, you’ll end up with a dupe of the Rose Jam shower gel.

So, on to the practical stuff:

Step one

Get some water on the boil, and place a glass bowl over the pan of boiling water. Chuck in your soy wax. In terms of measurements, fill your candle jar with the solid wax flakes. The ratio is two cups of wax, which will (when melted) fill one candle jar.


Step two

Slowly stir the wax until it melts. Whilst you’re waiting for the wax to melt, prep them candles by sticking the wick to the base with your glue dot.

Step three

Take your melted wax off the heat and add your scent to the wax, pour them into the candle jar, securing your wick with either a holder or (if you’re as lax as me) just use a knife or fork. Then viola, leave your candle 24 hours to set before you burn baby burn.



  1. I LOVE scented candles but never thought id be able to make one myself?!
    Im definitely going to have to add this to my self care sunday routine, thank you for sharing ☺️

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