How The Incredibles 2 did something quite incredible.

The Incredibles 2

It’s been just over fourteen years’ since The Incredibles first launched its way onto the big screen, and into the imaginations of youngsters across the country, so the long-awaited sequel had a lot to live up to.
Pixar also had the unique challenge of nostalgia. This time, the audience would be made up of both children and parents that had seen the original film, as well as the twenty-something army that would also be in attendance. So, keeping the film relevant for three generations was going to be tough. As well as this, superheroes had changed a lot since 2004. From self-aware Deadpool, to blockbuster Black Panther, superhero films were now big budget, with every major studio investing in them. With this in mind, The Incredibles 2 proved that they were here to play.

Picking up where we left off, the Parr family have been forced underground again, living seemingly normal lives. That is until a mysterious billionaire benefactor decides that he wants to bring Supers back into the forefront, with a PR campaign starring Elastagirl.

Leaving Mr Incredible to look after the family, this is very much Elastgirl’s big moment, and she’s not going to waste it. However, the new villain ‘Screenslaver’ is reeking havoc, on both the city and the reputations of supers everywhere. Elastagirl thinks that she can save the day alone, but, if we’ve learnt anything from any superhero film ever, (bar Deadpool – he does his own thing) all good Supers need a team.
There were a few minor issues, in that the villain was so strikingly obvious from the get-go that most of the children in the cinema didn’t seem surprised when the big ‘unmasking’ moment happened. But all in all, the plot was well thought out.
Surprisingly, the other huge win was Micheal Giacchino’s score. Sultry and memorable, Elastagirl’s theme proved that the Incredibles had returned with a bang. I also recommend sticking around for the credits to listen to the main sequence in full.

The Incredibles 2 offers a joyful and original sequel, and in the age of reboots, remakes and lazy writing, what they did, was incredible.

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