I went to Prauge

The view from Prague Castle

Last week, my lovely boyfriend James booked us a mini break to Prague before his big move to Cornwall, (more on that later) and having never been before I took to the internet for ideas on what I need to do/eat.

The first website I stumbled across was ‘A taste of Prague,’ which didn’t steer me wrong the entire trip so I would recommend a look over their site. If you want to hear what I got up to, just have a read.


Currency – CRK (or Euro)
Arriving at the airport, we made the only mistake of our holiday. Desperate to just get to the hotel we jumped into a taxi outside the airport, I know, I know. It is against the golden rules of every travel blogger on a budget and boy did we pay for it (3 x as much as a normal fare). The rest of the trip we used Uber (just switch the payment method to cash as it does not accept card) and we saved a small fortune.


Prague is split into two halves, with the Old Town on the right-hand side of the river and the New Town on the left, separated by the Charles Bridge, most hotels are located in the Old Town, including ours but I much preferred the new town, finding it to be full of quirky bars, local people and not a pork knuckle in sight.

When we return, (which I can guarantee we will) something like this Air B and B would be the ideal location!


AquaPark – If you have seen enough castles and beautiful bridges to last you a lifetime or maybe you’re just a big kid at heart then the AquaPark is the place for you. We bounded into an Uber from central Prague and in around 15 minutes we found ourselves stood in an industrial estate facing a roaring bypass (scenic location it is not).

You can also check out my entire post dedicated to the food of Prague.

Once we had paid and changed (around £17.00 PP for 3 hours) we made our way into Europes largest indoor waterpark. After an hour of screaming down lurid looking slides, glow in the dark tunnels and dingy rivers, we made our way into the spa area.

The first thing that will strike you is that everyone around you is naked. Yes, it is a naked spa. You will be given a bedsheet to cover yourself but this must be removed before you head into one the heated outdoor pools, Jacuzzis or selection steam and sauna rooms.

After around 10 minutes the weirdness wears off and you will most likely develop a ‘when in Rome’ attitude and you might even find it surprisingly liberating!

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