Stuff to buy in the sale

  1) Topshop Coat 2) New Look Boots 3) M&S Dress 4) Topshop Dress 5) New Look Cardigan 6) M&S Jumper  

The Maids – MCR Home

Arriving into the theatre, there was a sense that something was different at HOME. The usual layout had been replaced with round staging and three men stood with tights obscuring their faces greeted you upon arrival. After a playful introduction, the lights dimmed and Lily Sykes’ interpretation of Jean Genet’s, The Maids began to play…

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But, honestly. When will I be better with money?

Up until I was around twenty-one, I was a saver. I pretty much exclusively shopped at charity shops, I didn’t have an overdraft, and being that I lived in France (with my flat paid for by my job), it was pretty easy to save cash. And, whilst I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I started being bad with money, I’m pretty sure it all went pete tong the day I moved into my dingy North London flat.