Eating my way through Prauge

Maso a Kobliha’s amazing custard doughnuts!

Like every city, Prague has an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes, a quick google search can leave you dazzled by the hundreds of restaurants on display, however tips from locals, bloggers and friends made sure the food I experienced was some of the best I’ve ever eaten.


St Martins (New Town) – It took half an hour to find but with a bit of help from google maps we made our way through the bright minimal entrance and boy was it worth it. The buzzy dining room was made up of a combination of locals and English guests that knew Prague like the back of their hand.

We were quickly seated before the waitress bounced over to talk us through the menu. She made recommendations of a ricotta tomato soup, followed by a beef casserole, both were amazing. A rich stew served with lashings of red wine and afterwards we tried the chocolate fondant they’re so famous for. The whole meal was spectacular and came to under £14.00 per head for all three courses.
We popped out to their fairy light lit courtyard to finish our bottle of wine before stumbling home.

QUICK TIP – The stone stairs behind St Martin lead up to a medieval themed pub, which served £1.00 pints of Pilsner!

Pasta Fresca (Old Town)
Located slap bang in the centre, you can only see the simple entrance to Pasta Fresca, with the main restaurant being underground. Beautifully designed with a giant low hanging chandelier, the restaurant was packed to the brim. We had our order taken and sat back with a large glass of wine.

The food was also fantastic, the spaghetti was melt in the mouth and wonderfully presented, the service was also excellent – quick and regular. The only downside was that, as with many Czech restaurants, you have to pay for tap water. The total bill was around £17.00 per head.

QUICK TIP – We booked 2 days in advance, so if you want to dine at Pasta Fresca, ensure that you book as soon as possible.

Maso a Kobliha
Recommended by all of the taste of Prague team, I knew we had to head down to this renowned café. With exposed brickwork and pipes, Maso has an almost London feel to it. We took a seat in the back and ordered the infamous custard doughnut.

We had ours straight from the oven and it was EVERYTHING I hoped it would be. Light delicate batter covered in sugar severed boiling hot, inside it’s stuffed with a freezing ice cream/custard concoction and studded with vanilla. I could have eaten them all day.

The coffee here is also great and James loved the homemade lemonade, if you feel a sugar crash, Maso A Kobliha is the ultimate pick me up.

Naše Maso
Naše Maso is literally a butcher that serves the best meat in the city. You will be offered a selection of hand-made artisanal bread and a choice of mouth-watering beef or their famous sausages. Whatever you decide to have, Prague’s worst kept foodie secret is essential to your visit.
QUICK TIP – They also sell spectacular chocolate that will rival most UK brands if you’re keen to find a souvenir.


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