Is it writer’s block, or am I just a bit shit?

Anyone who has a creative hobby will understand writer’s block. It’s the moment you sit in front of some sort of ‘blank canvas’, or, in my case, a word document, with the mild terror that you have nothing to create. Watching the cursor line blinking back at you, as you wonder if you’ve actually got anything to say, and this pretty much sums up my January.

I’ve posted essentially nothing but the pub on Instagram, and written a grand total of 0 blog posts. And, being someone who writes for a living, having no ideas is a terrifying concept. I suddenly wonder if I actually have nothing original left to say, or that I lost all of my ideas over Christmas. Maybe, I wasn’t supposed to be a writer? Maybe, I’m not, and never was, very good at the job I’ve spent five years’ working towards.

Because creative ruts are a nightmare to climb your way out of. Especially when you find yourself scrolling through the millions of other bloggers that seem to produce amazing content at the drop of a hat, and suddenly you can’t quite remember what your ‘style is’ (do I even have a style?).

So, what’s the cure? 

Endless googling and asking around has concluded one thing really, and that’s change. A new location to shoot at, something a bit different. Writing posts on topics that you’re not sure you’d cover. Meeting new people with different ideas. It’s cleaning out your wardrobe, or just giving it a clean.

Because there’s something about change that inspires other changes.

Reshuffling my desk, dusting off my year old screenplay (abandoned somewhere on my hard drive) and looking at it with fresh eyes. Getting back into researching new locations and starting to shoot again, have all made me feel more focused and ready to get back to work.

Whether it’s my own neurosis, imposter syndrome, or just a tendency to overthink, a dose of wondering if you’re completely useless can be surprisingly useful. Because without writer’s block, without a mild panic about what you’re doing, things don’t change.

So, here’s to a year of change and hopefully, not too often mind, a mild dose of writer’s block.



  1. I think enthusiasm is as good a motivator as anything, and yes if the motivation has gone, then change needs to happen. I often find I’m lost for words when I’m complacent about something so sometimes stepping away and going back to the drawing board is perfectly apt to see things afresh


  1. […] I am one of those people that constantly complains that there are not enough hours in the day, whilst simultaneously having time to binge-watch every episode of Catfish for the millionth time. This year, I really want to get back into feeling creative. […]

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